We have an extensive machine park ready to carry out the most demanding orders

SMT assembly

4 surface mounting lines:
  • Automatic Laser Stampers WL 2010 LC CO2 – Laser
  • Screen printers MPM MOMENTUM HiE and DEC
  • Installation machines FUJI NXT II, Assembleon AX501 and AX201
  • Integrated Optic Control IH1 (FUJI In-Line AOI)
  • Reflow Ovens Electrovert OmniMax 7, Electrovert OmniMax 10
  • Automatic plate conveyors and feeders Rommel, Promass
  • Climate boxes Dr. Storage

Lead-free installation on Alpha Metals paste; Laser plate stamping; 2D inspection of a soldering paste; One-sided and two-sided surface installation; Installation of components from 01005, uBGA, QFN, QFP; Reflow soldering in nitrogen atmosphere; Storage and heating of components

Supporting and control equipment:
  • AOI OptiCon TurboLine automated device
  • AXI OptiCon X-Line 3D X10 automated device
  • SPI PARMI SIGMA X Blue automated device
  • BPM Microsystems 3000FS automated programming device
  • ICT testers

AOI inspection of installed circuits; X-ray inspection of installed circuits; 3D inspection of soldering paste application; Flash memory programming; in-circuit tests

THT assembly

4 through-hole installation lines:
  • Automated Wave Soldering Machines Electrovert Vectra Elite, Vitronics Soltec Delta
  • Manual and automatic Flexlink, Promass conveyors
  • Manual installation sockets
  • Depaneling automated device SCHUNK SAR-D1000-CL
  • Depaneling automated device SCHUNK SAR-B1000-CL with integrated table type Magnoplate
  • Manual separator CAB Maestro 3
  • FCT testers

Installation on lead-free alloys; One- and double-sided installation, mixed installation; Automatic wave soldering within nitrogen; Manual soldering; Manual and automatic depaneling with mill or disc; Operating tests

Final assembly

8 final installation lines:
  • Two-component resin disperser Giebler 2-K-DOS
  • Thermal Transfer Label Printers ZEBRA
  • Electric Screwers, Screw Feeders Kilews
  • Final installation sockets
  • EOL Testers

Filling devices with two-component resin; Mechanical installation; EOL tests; Customizing and packaging products

Test services

  • Testing devices R/F (HSPA+ I LTE) on a specially adapted Anritsu testing line at the telecommunications laboratory
  • Operating and final tests
  • International tests In-Circuit (ICT)
  • Selected tests in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and safety of use (LVD)

Engineering support

Until the last moment of production
  • Optimization to reduce product manufacturing costs
  • Development of technology and production documentation on the basis of technical product documentation provided to us
  • Design and manufacture of process supporting instrumentation
  • Support in the selection of electronic and mechanical components
  • Implementation of a product in series production
  • Surveillance of mass production
  • Repairing the entrusted testers
  • Carrying out RoHS tests using SEA 1000AII Spectrometer

Supply chain

Comprehensive service
  • A full range of electronic and mechanical components
  • Purchase of materials required for the conducted manufacturing processes
  • Advanced cooperation with the largest component suppliers
  • Packaging in accordance with the customer’s requirements
  • Shipping to the customer
Logistics centre
  • 8000 square metres of surface area
  • 8000 pallet spaces with a modern machine park for forklift trucks.
  • eWM SAP warehouse management system

Box Build services

Comprehensive service
  • Basic and advanced final assembly
  • Build-to-Order (BTO)
  • Testing the assembled modules
  • Complete material management

Maintenance services

Possible spectrum of after-sales services
  • Product repair
  • Product upgrade
  • Supply and management of spare parts
  • Warehousing
  • Recycling

Design and construction of testers

Our engineering team has designed and developed a new line of ICT equipment
In-circuit testing provides electronic manufacturers a reliable, high fault coverage verification method for the assembly process.  Our ICT fixtures are robust, reliable and designed for easy customization and are manufactured with top quality materials.